Tailor-made Masterbatch

Let’s bring colour to life

Our plastic colorants add colour to our lives and performance to finished products. Colour enhances the image, the quality and the functionality of your products.

The impact of colour in decoration is indisputable. For cosmetics and beauty industries, colour adds a sensation of luxury, depending on materials and effects used. For automotive and electronics industries, colour also provides effects and performances.

Masterbatch - Mélanges maîtres

The colour of a product reflects its identity

Colour has a role in the recognition of a trade mark or a product. Thereby, the consumer easily associates the colour to a product. In the electric sector, normalized colour codes define the use of cables and sheaths.

Colour used in packaging also plays a role in preserving its contents. For example, for beer or milk bottles, our coloured masterbatch also provides barriers to avoid the deterioration of the contents.

Our masterbatch provides performance for your finished products

For automotive industries, our masterbatch can provide a better weather resistance or modify the surface electric charge to limit dust deposits.

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The quality of our process

Our quality : among the best standards on the marketplace

Each raw material is carefully selected to correspond to customers’ and markets’ expectations in terms of quality : automotive, packaging, decorative films. Due to our expertise the masterbatch is developed to fulfill our customers’ regulatory requirements (food contact Europe, RoHS, FDA, etc.)

Our commitment to « Quality »

Our Villers-Saint-Paul site is certified ISO 9001 version 2015.  This system applies both to the development of masterbatch and compounds as well as their production. We constantly aim for continuous improvements.


Enhancing the quality of your products

We design colour and functional masterbatches specifically adapted to your polymers and processes.

Our 5S procedures perfectly meet the Japanese rigour required by our group and enable us to maintain a particularly clean factory that differentiates us in the market and is a guarantee of our level of quality.

They add colour and performance


    Silky, high gloss with a silky effect, by light interference.

    Metallic effects, pearl, silver, golden or iridescent appearances…

    Frost, a frosty appearance, similar to frosted glass. The effect is obtained during the blowing of this masterbatch, without any modification of the mold.


    Anti-yellowing, based on hightly dispersed titanium oxide, it offers improved anti-yellowing performance. It is developed on the basis of advanced technologies in pigment dispersion and materials development.

    Anti-warping, low-shrinkage pigments, avoid the distortion and deformation of molded products. It is characterized by high dispersion and excellent colour stability. This product is FDA approved.

    White for PET, with a high content of titanium dioxide, and an excellent dispersion, it gives the final product an excellent whiteness, anti-yellowing performance whilst preserving its mechanical properties.

    Without the transfer of odours, specially developed for food applications, it preserves the qualities of the product, while preventing the transfer of taste and smell.


    Anti-UV, improves the life-span of the product over time. The formulation is adjusted according to the geographical zone and the performance requested.

    Antistatic, it limits static electricity on the surface. Depending on the additive, the effect may be immediate or longer term. The antistatic effect facilitates the use, decreases the dust deposits.

    Anti-scratch it gives the finished products a scratch resistance on production lines during transportation and use.

    Barrier, especially for food packaging, it preserves the qualities of the packaged product by blocking the offending wavelengths.

    Antibacterial, it provides antibacterial properties to the finished product by limiting the proliferation of microorganisms.

    Laser marking, it enables laser printing on plastic parts.


    Sliding agent, even at low dosage, this functional masterbatch helps the process by promoting the sliding of the mix and limiting friction.

    Process aid, it promotes the flow of the material and facilitates extrusion.

    Cleaning agent, LIOCLEAN F is a cleaning agent which simplifies the cleaning of your lines between two colours.

    Antioxidant, it improves the reistance to oxidation during the process and prevents the degradation of the polymer.



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