Organic Pigments & Specialty chemicals

Our range of organic pigments is specially designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications industrielles.

  • Printing inks ;
  • Paints ;
  • Plastic colorants ;
  • Colour filters for LCD screens ;
  • Toners for colour copiers ;
  • Inks for inkjet printing.
Organic Pigments
Organic Pigments

Our high added value products

We provide our expertise to our customers by offering specialised products resistant to water and heat. Our high level of technology allows us to provide unique performance for the low warping of plastics. We also offer a wide range of colours tailored to the varied needs of the industry.

We bring colour to life with products that comply with the « process and products » safety standards.

Our specialty chemicals are manufactured and designed to improve the application properties of our products. They are mainly destined for internal use.

Their synthesis is carried out at a number of different industrial levels. They involve various chemistries, in aqueous or solvated medium, specific technologies in particular in terms of solid / liquid separation, solvent recycling.

Organic Pigments

Demand for quality, uniqueness of performance


R&D sites worldwide

Quality standards

We manufacture our products with a concern for continuous and constant improvements. In order to consolidate this concern, the Villers-Saint-Paul and Oissel sites are both ISO 9001- version 2015 certified. The Oissel site is also ISO 14001 version 2015 and OHSAS version 2007 certified.

Compliance with regulations

We supply poducts that meet customer requirements, in compliance with regulations related to products and manufacturing facilities.

Together with our suppliers, we also take care of our raw materials and observe the different import laws.
The rules and best practices of our groupare integrated into our QSE approach.

Our certifications

Pigments for printing inks
  • Pigments for printing inks
  • Pigments for paints
  • Pigments for plastic colorants
  • Pigments for inkjet inks
  • Pigment dispersions