Who we are

Who are we ? We are solidly established in the international market as major suppliers of printing inks, pigments, coatings and adhesives, as well as colorful and functional materials.

In Europe, our companies specialize in organic pigments, inkjet inks, tailor-made masterbatch and compounds and offset inks, covering a wide range of industrial applications.

Our expertise

Over 120 years of experience

Our group, Toyo Ink, was created in Japan in 1896. It has grown steadily on all continents while maintaining a human size and being recognizable in international markets.

Colour is at the heart of our expertise. Colour provides sensations of comfort and warmth, awakens emotions, makes us vibrate, makes life beautiful.

Our sites in France

artience, Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals has two sites in France.

The Oissel factory is close to Rouen (76 – Seine-Maritime). It holds the company headquarters and employs 145 people. The annual turnover is 40 million Euros, for a production of 600 tons of ink.

Organic synthesis

The production of organic pigments is the know-how of the Oissel site for more than 60 years. This historical expertise of physico-chemical reactions, in aqueous mediums as well as in solvent mediums, has evolved to meet cutomers’ requirements, towards increasingly fine particles, specific chromophores and targeted functionalities, while maintaining the respect of environment.

Ink formulation

The manufacture of inks is the founding know-how of the Toyo Ink group more than 110 years ago. The implementation of the colours thanks to the dispersion of the pigments and their stabilizatio, as well as the compositions of the formulations give our inkjet inks an excellent application performance, notably in terms of printing speed, and quality of printing high definition printing.

partenaire émérite dans le domaine de la couleur

Our strong points

We are a medium sized company backed by the resources, expertise and global market experience of a well established international group.

We seek excellence in all our activities. Through the professionalism of our employees, we put our energy at the service of quality for our customers. Their satisfaction is a constant goal. Their renewed confidence strengthens us in our work.

Choosing artience, Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals, means ensuring :

  • having a partner skilled in the field of colour,
  • obtaining innovative solutions by adding value to your productions, such as the addition of other features,
  • having expertise in the food packaging market (risk analysis for food contact),
  • having fast execution time,
  • having the presence of a technical team ready to assist you in your designs,
  • having rigorous quality controls that ensure product compliance for your applications.
having expertise in the food packaging market

Toyo Ink offers a range of know-how tailored to the needs of customers worldwide. This tailor-made offer is based on a global R&D network.

The alliance between this global presence and regional support helps support the projects of our clientele. By having access to the network of a large group, we have the ability to manufacture locally and deliver worldwide.

A group strategy

Constantly, we adapt our products to the tehnological evolution of the market by integrating advanced engineering with a coherent approach providing performance and service to our customers.

A global partnership in Research & Development

In all our R&D centres, our technical teams rely on research equipment with advanced technologies and industrial expertise in colorants and resins. Dynamic, inquisitive and motivated minds work together and in collaboration with the parent company. This enables us to bring innovations and improvement to the market and to remain at the forefront of our technologies.

Our philosophy

Our group relies on a philosophy of long-term projections that materialize through 10 year development plans. On this perennial basis, we reinterpret and adapt our company and management policy in line with the evolution of the context. A strong value of our identity, this vision enables us to develop in a perspective of sustainable growth.

Our guiding principles

  • Provide knowledge that enhances customer trust and satisfaction,
  • Respect the realization of all employees’ ambitions,
  • Act as a responsible corporate citizen in harmony with society and the environment,
  • Respect shareholders rights, improve shareholder value and enhance market valuation.

In practice…

Our management style is people orientated. As a group, we endeavor to be a company that contributes to the enrichement of life and culture throughout the world. We create a lifestyle for new generations, and we provide advance technology, and quality products and services.