Procurement Principles / Standard for Selecting Suppliers

The Toyo Ink Group aspires to contribute to society by offering outstanding products to customers, and to build relationships of trust with suppliers through fair procurement activities carried out on an equal footing so as to achieve shared prosperity. For fair and equitable purchasing transactions, we support CSR procurement, which conforms to the Procurement Principles and the Standard for Selecting Suppliers.
Procurement Principles

Procurement Principles

Fair and honest dealings

We will take a board view in carrying out procurement for our business activities and conduct our transactions with suppliers on a fair and equal basis.

Selection of suppliers

We will select suppliers accordance with appropriate standards, comprehensively taking into account all factors affecting an economically rational and operationally reliable arrangement, including observance of laws and societal norms, technological capability, product quality, price, delivery terms, creditability, bidding capability, and ability of provide information.

Mutual understanding and confidence

We will strive for greater mutual understanding with suppliers, work to build relationship of mutual confidence, and strive to achieve mutual progress.

Propriety in procurement activities

We will conduct our procurement activities with propriety, in accordance with all applicable laws and based on our corporate ethics. We will have no personal interest in any transaction.

Green procurement

We will maintain unceasing concern for the preservation of resources and environmental protection in conducting our transactions and will strive to maintain and improve the global environment.

Maintaining confidentiality

We will not disclose to any third party confidential business-related or technological information acquired in the course of transacting business with a supplier, without the suppliers approval.

Supplier CSR

We will conduct our procurement activities while maintaining an awareness of our social responsibilities as a business enterprise. We designate observance of International Labor Organization labor standards, compliance, and green purchasing as standards for selecting suppliers, and we will request or direct related actions by suppliers.

Through its CSR procurement, the Toyo Ink Group aspires to ensure legal compliance in its supply chain and contribute to the improvement of both working conditions and the global environment. In recent years— in the framework provided such as in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015-companies are being required to fulfill their social responsibilities, including with respect to their supply chains. To achieve this, the Toyo Ink Group implements the following policy measures in cooperation with its suppliers.

Standard for selecting suppliers

  1. Observance of laws and societal norms
    The business must observe laws and societal norms (such the prohibition of child labor and forced labor as well as the laws, standards, and treaties of each country).
  2. Product quality
    The product quality must be stable and satisfy our requirements, and the suppliers must have a quality-control system in place.
  3. Price
    The supplier must offer prices that are appropriate and economically rational and must be able to compete in terms of prices.
  4. Stability of supply
    The supplier must satisfy our desired delivery terms and ensure a stable supply.
  5. Management base
    The supplier must maintain sound enterprise management.
  6. Business base
    The supplier must maintain a sound business operation.
  7. Service capability
    The supplier must provide us with necessary and valid information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  8. Maintaining confidentiality
    The supplier must be able to maintain the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of transacting business with us.
  9. Protecting the environment
    The supplier must demonstrate adequate consideration for conservation of resources and environmental preservation.
  10. CSR efforts
    The supplier must practice corporate social responsibility in business activities.